Nov 08,2023

The importance of choosing a healthy and environmentally friendly mattress

In recent years, with the increasing emphasis on sleep health, the environmental friendliness of mattresses has become an important factor that we have to consider when choosing mattresses. So, how important is environmental protection for a mattress? How can we know if a mattress is environmentally friendly when we choose it?
The environmental friendliness of mattresses is primarily reflected in whether formaldehyde is overspending. Formaldehyde is a term that is not unfamiliar to us. Especially friends who have experienced home decoration naturally understand the great harm of formaldehyde overspending on the human body. And together, there may also be formaldehyde overspending on the mattresses we sleep on.
This is because some unscrupulous merchants often add chemical additives when making mattresses, and together they use inferior raw materials to save costs, which may result in excessive formaldehyde consumption of mattresses. Sleeping on this mattress for a long time can lead to various diseases, which may lead to leukemia.
So, to see if a mattress is environmentally friendly, the first thing to consider is whether its formaldehyde content exceeds its budget. Ensure environmental monitoring certification - formaldehyde content is 3 micrograms lower than drinking water, without any threat to human health. Secondly, the environmental friendliness of mattresses is reflected in their ability to prevent mites.

Introduction to the selection methods of soft beds


Soft bed manufacturer's weight and thickness: Based on the weight of the bed body and the thickness and weight of the bottom box board, the heavier the bed body and bottom box board, the higher the material density inside the board body. Customers can only try quietly to know and compare the bed angle. If possible, you can try stepping on the bottom box board to see its load-bearing capacity.