Nov 08,2023

Do you know what types of beds are available

Beds can be said to occupy a very important position in our daily life, with one-third of the time spent on them. According to different materials, common beds can be roughly divided into several categories: solid wood beds, board beds, metal beds, rattan art beds, leather beds, fabric art beds, and so on.
Faced with various types of beds in the market, can you be too picky? Faced with many introductions and explanations from sales guides, can you have no choice? It's okay, the editor will give you a detailed explanation of the characteristics of various material beds. What are the types of forged iron beds? They are made of metal materials and are exquisitely forged and handcrafted to create romantic French carvings.
There are also four iron pillars designed for hanging elegant lace curtains. If fragrant candles, essential oil lamps, and other fragrances are lit to complement them, the French style of the Champs Elysees will suddenly leave romantically; Strengthening and durability are another advantage of wrought iron bed frames. Soft bed: Soft bed is roughly divided into two types: art bed and leather separated bed, which pay more attention to the user's warm experience compared to other beds, including soft beds with massage function, but the price is higher.
Wooden board bed: Wooden board bed, also known as hard board bed by people, has good breathability. Compared with ordinary mattresses, wooden board bed has a higher hardness. Generally, wooden board beds are made of all solid wood, which is very outstanding in terms of environmental protection. Double decker bed: This double decker bed was invented based on the narrow indoor space and the large number of residents. It is usually a top and bottom bunk style, but now the new design is a wide bottom and narrow top, preventing the defects of excessive dimness and poor air quality in the bottom bunk.

Introduction to the selection methods of soft beds


Soft bed manufacturer's weight and thickness: Based on the weight of the bed body and the thickness and weight of the bottom box board, the heavier the bed body and bottom box board, the higher the material density inside the board body. Customers can only try quietly to know and compare the bed angle. If possible, you can try stepping on the bottom box board to see its load-bearing capacity.